Dos and Don’ts While Pulling Off Different Styles


We all love to collect and style outfits with colors and clothing that we love the most. However, sometimes we miss realizing that we end up looking the same in our office, for parties, and for other social gatherings. Most of us have all casuals or things that we don’t really wear much at all. You should have appropriate clothing for different occasions. Every occasion calls for an outfit that complements it.

For you to experiment with your outfits and pull off different styles here is a guide letting you know dos and don’ts.

The simple style

To nail this style you should understand the difference between loose and baggy. When you have loose and comfortable fits it looks cool. Whereas baggy fits are a lot messier. Avoid wearing sweatpants no matter how tempted you are to wear them for comfort and go for loose fitted jeans.

Even for your weekends get yourself a comfy jean. If you have outgrown any item get rid of them. Worn out sneakers maybe comfortable but if they have tears and holes they should be dumped.

The trendy style

For this style, your accessories will make the statement. Wear scarves, watches, hats or belts. You can consider layering too like adding a jacket or vest to level up. More than trends look for jeans that have different styles and cuts. With certain clothing, some cuts just look better. Get yourself a pair of boots to feel trendy. They are stylish and practical.

The business style

Don’t think of it as formal but more of a professional look. In case you are not sure about the dress code of a new workplace then your best bet is to leave behind the jeans and sneakers. So to build a stylish look, don’t wear a tie with your simple button-down shirts. Wear dress shoes and loafers and pair them colored socks and not white socks.

The smart style

For the smart casual look, you can put together formal and casual styles. Pair suit pieces or blazers with denim. Your shoes here don’t have to be formal. But understand that formal fabrics only look good with formal footwear so when you go for sneakers make sure your style is simply casual and not too athletic.

The formal style

Women have a variety of formal clothing as compared to men. But men can style with a focus on the details and accessories. Make sure your suits and tuxedo are a perfect fit for your body. You should wear white socks with this formal attire.