Don’t let a lack of Sleep ruin your Day: Use these Expert Wakefulness Tips


If you think you are feeling drowsy because of lack of sleep then use these science backed tricks for staying awake and alert all day.

Are you distressed due to the lack of sleep?

A person should take proper amount of sleep every day, else lack of sleep can make any day a tough task. You might feel like having a cup of coffee which can awaken you. But do you know how caffeine can affect your health negatively. Therefore be reasonable enough while its consumption.

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Science of sleep

Sleep is a thing which you have to do almost 36% of your life. If a person doesn’t sleep he will experience dizziness and weakness all throughout the day. But do you know what exactly sleep is? Why is it so important and so soothing for our mind and our bodies? How does it affect our lives when awake?

To find out the affects of bad sleep there was a research conducted. In the research 48 healthy men and women were gathered. Now all these people sleep for approximately 7 to 8 hours per night. Now they were divided in three parts out of which first group members have to spend 3 days without sleep. Second group slept 4 hours daily and the third group spent 8 hours sleeping.

Now after two weeks here is what happened:

The third group with 8 hours of sleep did not display any attention lapses, cognitive decreases or motor skill declines during 14 days. Whereas the second group steadily declined with every passing day, but was better than the first one.

Now in all this we found out that sleep debt is a growing issue and also that the participants didn’t notice their own performance declines as they had been up for 48 hours directly.

What can sleep deprivation cost us

A lot of people are suffering from sleep deprivation just to work for extra hours, but the drop in performance can ruin potential benefits of working extra. It is said that 90% of adults who get less than 7 hours of sleep on a routine basis are experiencing high physical and mental pressure.

Therefore it is said that adults should at least have 8 hours of sleep and teenagers, old adults and children need even more.

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