Do you Know What the Shape of your Lips Say about You


Lips are one of the most outstanding facial features in a person’s face. Lips are said to be as unique as your finger prints and they grow in shape and size as we grow up in age. It is said that our lips tell a lot about our personality. Figure out what story your lips tell about you.

See what the upper points of your lips say about you

Philium is the path from nose to the upper lips edge. This part of the face is either slightly curved or has sharp edges. The lips edges are of 9 types which are as follows

  1. Two v shaped peaks- This type of shape denotes that the person is creative.
  1. Two uneven peaks- These types of peaks denote that you are a very emotional person and your sentiments can get easily hurt.
  1. Flat line between the two peaks- The flat line is recognized as cantilever bridge. This type of lips shows that you are a curious person.

4. Suspension bridge also denoted as U shape bridge- This type of bridge depicts that you are not an extrovert. Your outgoing and fun loving personality endears you to people.

5. Vshaped but less sharp peaks or butterfly peaks- These types of peaks show that you are an incredibly kind person.

6. Two curved peaks- These types of double convex peaks denote that you are a big flirt.

7. Flying bird shaped bridge- This type of shape indicates a nurturing character.

8. Dome or singular curved peak- This type of shape shows a bold character. a person who is not afraid to say your mind in spite of the audience.

9. No points or peaks- This shape or lack of shape signifies that the person is a high level of logical person.

Now get to know what the shape of closed lip line say about your personality

There are different shapes formed when a person closes his lips. Now the shape of that pressed lips denote following things about ones personality

Straight line- If the mid-line after closing the lips is a straight line then that means you are a bit oppressive but trustworthy. You keep up to your words which is a wonderful trait.

Wrinkled near the center- This appears like a notch when both the lips are pressed. This depicts that the person is highly intelligent.

Upward Thrust- When the line has an upward thrust it indicates that the person is kind and generous, and pays close attention to people and the things which are of great concern to them.

Downward thrust- When the line is turned downwards then it indicates a grumpy and a very self centered person, which is not that good.

Curve shape- This shape depicts that the person is very sexually aware.