How Digitization Has Changed the Way We Plan Trips Today


Today’s traveler has many options to plan their travel. Travel plan mostly involves organizing the trip. One has to book an advance ticket and for a domestic trip, one has to plan the accommodation whereas international travel plans involve ensuring that they have valid passports and obtain a visa.

Digitization has changed the way a traveler travels and has opened up tremendous opportunities for the traveler to choose from. They can plan their travel on the go and online. Today’s traveler can do all the research on their own and plan the trip with a local travel agent.


Travellers can now research from the comfort of their homes or offices and decide their trip. They can also arrange for the trip on their own using various sites.


However with traditional offline travel agents, one has to just provide their short brief and the agency will suggest them suitable plans along with various options. As compared to someone spending several hours researching and trying to figure out destinations, hotels, and all the major sightseeing digitally offline travel agencies are less time-consuming.


Believe it or not but it is a total myth that the online travel companies offer cheaper rates. The services will be similar to pricing if one compares. To make an accurate judgment one has to check the inclusion of meal plans or taxes etc.

Human touch

Digitization cannot replace the human touch in planning travel. Offline travel agencies continue to retain their clients by human touch and offering value-added services. Online travel companies fail to offer so.

Custom travel

It is difficult to customize your trip on a single platform as there are limitations online to customize a complete travel itinerary. One has to go to different sites for various parts of the trip.

Visa services

Online travel agencies will need to have a manual office to cater to their customer’s visa requirements. However, the regular offline travel companies have the service offered to all their customers which gives substantial benefits to the travelers.

Personalized service

Offline travel companies excel in providing customized service. However with online companies, one needs to call the customer care wait for their turn and give all their details to the call center executive to provide with solutions to a problem. The offline companies have their emergency contacts and recognize their client easily and give quick solutions to issues on the trip.

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