Diet Habits You Need To Establish Before You Turn 30


In our 20s, we might have not really felt like a full-fledged adult but with the big 30, it certainly gets the adulthood in to focus. During the age of 20, we are trying to understand ourselves, we discover a lot about what kind of lifestyle we prefer and by our 30s we are able to become our best selves. We are wiser and seasoned and find changes in our bodies.

While in our 30s our diet habits extensively affect our health and how we age. When you reach the age of 30 you will not be able to eat the way you use to and not see the impact of it on your health and body. It is high time that you start to watch what you eat.

Here are some diet habits that you should establish before turning 30.

Eat Clean

Adapt a clean eating lifestyle. Focus on real foods and avoid processed or chemical infused food to help your body in many ways as it ages. Avoiding refined and processed foods you will start feeling more energized, get good sleep and experience fewer aches and pains. Your skin clears up and improves your mood.

Cook your own meals

To know how to cook is an essential life skill. It helps you save money and also helps you have overall control over what is in your food.

Practice mindful eating

In this age, most of us are involved in mindless eating which is eating in the car, with friends, in a rush, in front of T.V etc. While eating we need to connect with our food and enjoy the process of eating, nourishment and satiating ourselves. The disconnection leads to us not feeling fully satiated or nourished and we end up eating more.

Mindful eating allows you to appreciate your meals, enjoy the taste, understand the complexities of food and feel grateful for the nourishment. This also helps in having control over food and cravings.

Cutting sugar

So to optimize your diet habits the important way is to cut sugar. Get as close as adding zero sugar to your food. Be mindful of your sugar intake and avoid drinking sodas, adding sugar to fresh juices or to coffee.

Drink water regularly

Should this be told to you yet again? We are taught time and again to be mindful of drinking more and more water yet we fail to practice it. Staying hydrated is vital for your body functions, weight control and avoid fatigue. It also helps you get clearer skin. You also feel full when you drink good amounts of water keeping you from overeating or giving you unnecessary cravings.

Drink Responsibly

In our 20s we binge drink while learning how our bodies process alcohol. However in our 30s are a time to make smart choices when it comes to drinking. Your bodies tendency towards insulin resistance and fatty liver increases dramatically as you become 30. And alcohol and sugar are contributing factors to these.

Take good care of your muscles

It is not necessarily a diet habit but your muscles directly affect your metabolism and also how your body processes food. It is important to follow an exercise routine. Our body loses muscles as we age which decreases our strength and increases the amount of time it takes to recover from physical exertion. Regular exercising will help our body to strengthen muscles and prevent muscle loss.

(Photo credit: Giphy)