Has Been Designing Games since 16 Recently Sold His Organization to Disney for $100 Million


Vishal Gondal is the founder and CEO of indiagames.com that designs computer and mobile games. Since his childhood, Vishal Gondal was keen on learning the computer language and experimenting various design techniques. Currently, he is not just an entrepreneur but is an investor as well and is the founder and CEO of GOQii.

As a teenager, he reached Pepsi’s office with his newly designed game and was super excited for the meeting. With creativity that knew no boundaries, he waited with his game for hours in the office to meet with the marketing head.

Initially, the marketing head was doubtful to waste his time on a whimsical game that a teenage boy created, however, Vishal was enthusiastic and with his unwavering determination. So finally he was given an appointment.

Vishal’s game that he designed for the company was able to convince the senior management. They were totally blown by it and bought it for Rs. 5,00,000. This was the first business deal he made and there was no looking back for him since then. He read many programming books and passionately continued making computer and mobile games.

In the last few years, Vishal’s Mumbai-based company has grown from a team of five to one of the biggest gaming companies in India. Indiagames.com serves clients on different platforms namely, iPad, mobile, social gaming and networking sites. Cisco, UTV, and Adobe are some brands that have invested in the venture.

Vishal shares that his family believed he was wasting time when decided to venture into a gaming business. However, he was stern with his chosen path. He believes one should take risks and have faith to pursue their dreams.

The significant fact in Vishal’s success story is that he has not taken any formal education in computer programming. In 2011, he sold indiagames.com to Disney UTV digital and The Walt Disney company for $100 million.

Mobile Entertainment magazine in 2005 has listed Vishal as one of the top 50 executives in mobile content space. In the same year, Red herring listed indiagames.com among Asia’s Top 100 companies. Vishal was also on the list of top 25 powerful people in Indian digital business by techcircle.in

(Photo Credit: livemint)