Dear Future Husband Here’s why I am not in a Rush to Meet You


Somehow when a girl reaches the age of late 20’s everyone seems to be bothered by her life and plans. People start asking about marriage and marriage plans which annoy every girl. There is no particular age for marriage. There are some girl’s in their 20’s who are happily married but there are also girls like us who are still unmarried. Maybe our future husbands are around the corner.

But we are in not in a rush to meet them as we are quite happy in our present lives.

You are a career woman

You are in love with your job which makes you happy. This is what you always dreamt of and you are living your dream. It has occupied most of your time and you have no issues with that.

You want to be independent and financially secure

You are thinking for the future and make you want to be secure and independent before getting married. You don’t wish to depend on anyone for anything. You want to be an equal contributor.

You want to go for solo tours

You are at an age where you want to travel and explore the world. Not yet with a husband, but with friends or even alone. There are adventures waiting for you.

You are at an age of discovering yourself

Until the age of mid 20’s, we have lived a life according to the rules and guidelines of our school or colleges but the professional brings you close to a new side of your personality. You reveal more about yourself to yourself. You get to know your potentials and there cannot be any best time than this time of age.

Marriage= Adulthood

You are not really ready to enter the adulthood stage of your life. Marriage is not easy as it has responsibilities, understanding, expectations, comprises, handling various relationships etc. Mentally you are not prepared as yet.

Your bucket list needs tick offs

You surely have a bucket list of things to do before marriage. And there are probably plenty pending. Well, they need to be ticked off.

Because who doesn’t enjoy single life?

The best time of life is experienced being single. It gives you cherishable memories. You are still living those by enjoying sleepovers at besties and binge watching your favorite shows.

You will get the time to clear off the baggage

Then there’s your baggage from the past relationships that you need to put off your shoulders. You really intend to start off with a clean slate.

You want to be with momma and daddy a little longer

You feel it! Who doesn’t want to stick around a little longer being the little daughter you always were.

So go ahead, take your time dear future husband.