Critical Warning Signs That You Are Making Bad Decisions in Life


In life and career, you have to deal with a lot of challenges and become a problem solver. In order to solve problems or take risks, we have to decide. And the decisions we take should be resourceful patiently thought about and highly strategic. You need to be mentally aware and strong to take certain actions. However in the bargain, if you are losing serendipity then maybe you are doing it wrong.

In order to make good decisions and succeed here are warning signs that you should be vigilant about.


There’s nothing that can be perfect. There is always something better. Don’t get sucked into the ideals of perfection. You should be more realistic and make improvements to keep up with change and grow.


Become accountable for doing what you have to do. Ignoring reality and tasks that need your attention will make bad decisions apparent. It becomes worst to decide when you try to ease your way out or ignore certain responsibilities.

Not being hungry enough

You always have to have a growth mindset you need to hungry for opportunities. You need to navigate constant unpredictability and uncertainty in order to nurture every opportunity. When you become careless in searching new ways, different risks or opportunities you will have lost your hunger completely and start making bad decisions.

Lack of attention to detail

To make sound decisions attention to detail is inevitable. You need to ask yourself a lot of questions, never assume and always hope to better learn to understand that things might not go the way you want them to. If you skip the details you will definitely make bad decisions. Better realize now than later.

Not devoting enough time to critical thinking

It is always better to take steps back and critically think things through. Discipline yourself to be a critical thinker and it will ensure you make the right decision. Time definitely flies but with practice, your mind will be trained to be better at decision making.