How to Conquer the Three Major Fears That Holds an Entrepreneur Back


Every entrepreneur wants to have financial freedom and flexibility. However, most of the people are scared to even start putting in efforts to grow and maintain that growth. Most start with an idea. There are few who are able to execute on them and fewer even generate actual revenue for a matter of sustenance.

The process feels like a rollercoaster ride and has many fears attached to the journey of being an entrepreneur. Here are few and how to conquer them.

The fear of Unknown

It is common to have more Unknowns than Known in this journey that you have chosen. It is about making sense of chaos, taking the plunge not knowing whether you would land safely. Choosing lanes that are abandoned and leading the way for others to follow.

You can make the journey more interesting by having a co-founder so that you don’t feel all lonely. Also, if you have a mentor you get a little courage to take risks. They can share their expertise and help you become seasoned as well. They also warn you of the shortcomings and benefits which act beneficial for your journey.

The fear of Failure

The fact is that no business just booms with its first client or customers. And if you face denial with the first few customers it is not the end of the world. You need to start expecting such challenges and not consider them failures.

Take chances by introducing minimum products or services to your target market. This allows you to fail cheap and fast but you quickly learn what works for your target audience so that you can look up for alternatives. This allows minimum resource wastage.

Keep a tab on your competition. Know what is trending in the market. Test according to your market research results. It is all about generating, testing and learning. This is how your business can adapt to changes in the market and the developing demands and this is how it can survive.

If you stop trying, that is when you fail. Perseverance is the key to success.

The fear of Mediocrity

Entrepreneurs pride in being superlative at what they do and so mediocrity is out of the question. However, in a journey to achieve excellence one might have to go through the mediocrity of lifestyle.

You might see people around you, your friends and relatives buying their dream cars, house and living their best whereas you are still struggling with just a little to accomplish what you have established.

You might go through situations where people hurt you or you reach a point of not trusting anyone but that’s just how society works. But as soon as your business reaches its first peak there will be a lineup of appreciation. At the same time do not just hope that you will find success believe in it and expect it. Take the necessary steps to reach there.