How to Conquer Overcome Frustration


Frustration is when you are upset or annoyed maybe due to not being able to achieve something or bring change. Anybody can get frustrated on a daily basis. They are hardly that dangerous or a crisis that needs to be taken care of. However, they are inevitable and so if untended they can build up into unnecessary stress.

Try these tips to conquer frustration on an everyday basis before it gets the best of you.

Accept that change is inevitable

When you plan there are many chances of it getting ruined by something or someone. Things may not go as planned due to many challenges. There are changes that occur in life that you have no control over. It is a waste to resist change. So accept the changes in life and stay strong, prepare you accordingly.

Stay flexible

As we have established that change is not in our control but we can be or have to be flexible. Be flexible in your expectations, thoughts, behavior so that you can deal better with change.

All the stress is just in your head

Stress is about how you perceive things. You are the one who allows a person or a situation to frustrate you. You can just simply think that the person or thing is trying to get your attention but you could opt not to.

Remember your values

It is essential to know your worth. Maybe your worth in life is making a difference and being kind to others. Frustrations become a minor thing when you compare it to the value of you in your life.

Why are you hanging on to something?

Do you think holding on to something will help you with your goals? Are you gaining anything from it? Is the stress really helping you in any way? If the answer is no, then let go.

Be optimistic

Maybe distract yourself a little. Watch something on the T.V or Youtube, talk to a funny mate so that you laugh off your stress. Laughing releases endorphins so you get the feeling of pleasure as well as calmness.

Talk to a friend

Social support helps resilience. When you talk to your friend you are able to frame your frustrations in a manner that it becomes easy to problem solve. The warm emotions will help you hold on.

Take action

Don’t just wish that things were different do something about it. Wishing makes you feel powerless but when you try to do something about it you feel like someone more in control and you can make things better.