Company Introduces Sarcastic T-Shirts That Deliberately Portray Men The Way Society Represents Women


There is a famous page on Facebook (and also a parody account on Twitter) with the title “Man Who Has It All”. This page provides an exciting outlook on feminism by attempting into an alternating reality.

The discrepancies between how we talk about expert women and men are firm, to say the very limited.

The deeply fortified double insignias are so pre-eminent there are infinite distinctions most of us don’t see, even in a society where it’s grown frequently normal to talk about sexism.

Seldom, the best way to pull back the wool and really see the ridiculous ways females are discussed is to flip the lines and gender swap the same views.

The sarcastic shirt company Man Who Has It All does specifically this, both through sarcastic apparel and Twitter arguments about “men in the workplace.” Most of the shirts from Man Who Has It All plays on the steps we title career woman as female scientists, female doctors, female lawyers, instead of just scientists, doctors, and lawyers.

In this gender-swapped universe, the shirts for men instead say male scientist, while the women’s shirts merely say, scientist. This simple switcheroo easily points out the absurdity of gendering women in their own areas of expertise.

One of the best parts of Man Who Has It All’s internet presence is how consistently funny the comments are.

When the company delivers the initial dose of satire, the followers are smart to fill in the blanks with all the absurd sounding comments men commonly
leave about professional women. 

The person operating the parody account of the facebook and twitter handle is known to be anonymous “working dad” who has finally taken things beyond the venturing social media to introduce these humorous T-shirts, as well as a Book called ‘From Frazzled to Fabulous: How to Juggle a Successful Career, Fatherhood, ‘Me-Time’ and Looking Good.’

Now with almost 400k supporters on the page of Facebook, the popular page represents itself as “a sarcastic page that reveals the stupidity of the patriarchy by turning the tables,” and “highlights the sexism, customs, and bias women encounter every day by visualizing a world where men are handled in the same way society treats women.”