Common Skincare Myths Busted For Men Who Thought Were Probably True

  • Men are very much ignorant of any skincare and how it is turning out to be or react in different situations. And for the men who really consider skin care, knows very little on the measures to take proper care. Most take word of mouth advice from relatives or friends. But every skin type is different and has to be attended to specifically. Something that suits or works well for your friend’s skin may not be beneficial for your skin type.

Here are some common skincare myths busted.

Myth: Fairness creams can make you fairer

There are so many who fall for this marketing gimmick for skin care that trended for several decades. The fairness cream ads convey bad social message plus there is hardly any truth in it. The creams may help remove pigmentation and even out the skin tone. However, you should be comfortable with the color of your skin, fair or not.

Myth: Higher SPF in a sunscreen means higher protection from the sun

UVA, UVB, UVC are three types of UV rays. The UVA rays are the most harmful ones that penetrate your skin and cause a tan. The UVB rays are the ones causing normal sunburns. The UVC rays don’t really reach the ground and are absorbed by the atmosphere.

Sunscreen’s SPF determines the amount of protection it can provide from UVB rays. Most of the sunscreens will only cover UVB and not UVA. Broad spectrum is when a sunscreen provides protection from both and you should go for it with an SPF of at least 15 containing Mexoryl, oxybenzone or avobenzone.

Myth: A cloudy day means no need of sunscreen

Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface. So you should apply sunscreen usually on a cloudy day as well to keep your skin well protected.

Myth: Your skin hydrates by drinking water

Most believe this but it is not completely true. Generally drinking water is very beneficial for your body in many ways but the correlation with the skin is not correct. The naturally produced oils and moisturizer or skin lotions keep your skin hydrated. So that is how you treat your dry skin.

Myth: Oily skin types don’t need to moisturize

Just like the dry skin or combination skin, your skin needs daily moisturizing too. If you overwash or keep the oily skin unmoisturized they will become extremely dry over the time producing more sebum due to lack of moisture which leads to breakouts.

Myth: Natural remedies are better for less irritable skin than chemical ones

Natural ingredients are very beneficial but using them on sensitive skin can be dangerous. Chemicals are produced in the lab under expert supervision to treat our skin whereas the natural products directly utilized from plants may react differently on different skin types.

Myth: Drinking milk can make your fairer

We are made to believe this since childhood, however, this is false. Skin experts say that humans after two years of birth should not drink animal milk which is an infancy state of a human.

Myth: Scrubbing will remove blackheads

This is a very common myth and totally false. Blackheads root deep within your skin which needs more than scrubbing to be removed. You are only able to eliminate the outer layer but blackheads grow back from where you removed them. You can get it removed by a skincare expert.