The Common Reasons People Get Fired


A workplace would not fire you for being a good employee who does a great job and displays high-performance levels. You are not someone to over think on this one. This is about the common reasons why people lose their jobs. This does not include mass layoffs or someone’s inability to accomplish a defined sales goal.

We are referring to the avoidable things unless you are someone who wants to let go.

Stealing company supplies

Perhaps you might think well isn’t it obvious not to but take a step back reconsider it as a less obvious act of offense.  One might think no one will notice a stack of paper vanishing from the office, as well as the pocket snacks and tea bags.

Taking away what is not yours home is a serious offense. The best is not to ever take home anything that belongs to the company intentionally or otherwise.

Lying to your boss (or client)

The white lies you use to call for a sick day is something all do and not that terrible. But telling your boss that your relative has died for leave when you actually plan on taking the next flight for your vacation can be considered harshly bad. Don’t you agree?

At the same time, giving clients misleading information can be awful. Most of the times we judge wrong that the truth can be fabricated but when the real story will be revealed it will bring more tornados in your life than the actual truth. Credibility is important in professionalism. At least before lying think about your job.

It is always best to confront with the truth and most appropriate would be if you initiate a conversation to make someone understand what went wrong. It is easier than fabrication.

Bullying or harassing a coworker

This one is known to all. Workplace bullying and sexual harassment is intolerable and leads to instant termination if found out. But there are situations you need to be careful about as it manifests in small things. Shaming a coworker over what they are having for lunch can be taken as mean.

Unwanted things like commenting on someone’s clothes or sending a nasty email to a coworker you hate can all degrade your professionalism. This is the commonest way for people to lose their jobs.

Not doing any work

We all go through days where one lacks motivation and doesn’t show any productivity. We all reflect on the day and feel sad that we haven’t been productive. But it happens to the best of us. What is unusual is when you struggle to do any job given for a long period of time.

There is no way someone would tolerate you not doing your job when you were trusted and hired for it. You can always communicate with the higher ups if you need extra time for completion or you are reaching burnout. But never stop doing your job.

Calling in sick days or coming in late regularly

You receive sick and personal days to be used at your discretion as well as with the approval of your boss. When you start calling in sick every week or come to office late every day your manager has already noticed. When your absence increases you put your job at risk.