Comfortable Velcro Sneakers Men Should Really Own


Remember your childhood shoes? They are having a moment right now. You can shift from the complicated lace-ups to easy to slip into with Velcro fasteners. They are the 2017 entrants people should own.

No matter what occasion these top comfortable Velcro sneaker contenders have the capacity to put lacing systems to shame.

Marcello & Ferri Blade Sole Sneakers 

The UK based brand “Marcello and Ferri” have their design aesthetic on offer with easy to slip in pairs. These sneakers are dark and look edgy but minimalistic. However, these are a most comfortable pair to own. It is ideal for all black and monotone fanatics.

Puma Basket Sneakers

The laced white sneakers are a hit so you definitely need an alternative to it in Velcro. With this pair, you will look all spiffy and stylish.

New Balance Rush Grey Sneakers

For outfit pairing the most versatile color is ‘grey’. If you wish not to pair it with different colors you can always go for blue and whites to pair it with. Wear it with chinos, or a pair of jeans everything will pair just right with it.

HRX Navy Blue Sneakers

This is a feather light and everyday use shoes that are practical and trendy. You can pair them with the fashion basics to take your basics up a notch.

ALDO Colour-block Sneakers

From a brand that’s known for its minimal designs, evergreen shades and quality no one could beat this pair of brilliance is a bang for your buck. It is ideal to wear this during summer, especially with the outfit hues turning brighter because this pair of sneakers will keep your outfit tone grounded.

United Colours of Benetton’s Chartreuse Yellow Sneakers

UCB is a fashion brand that has stood the test of time in India. It is affordable and has pieces experimental enough with quality that lasts long. And this unique piece of perfection can be a killer for summer colors.

Adidas Originals Printed High-tops

The camo print is famous for decades but maybe you never wore them on your feet. When you do go for these sneakers you can opt for an outfit with utilitarian details like belt loops and zippers. Or maybe for the basics you can pair these sneakers with a collection of solid colors.

(Photo Credit: Koovs, kicksonfire, Myntra, westproject, askmen, nazya)