College Girl’s Guide to Look Classy Always


As a student when you flip through the pages of a fashion magazine you come across so many chic outfits worn by supermodels or celebrities. They, team the perfect top pants and shoes and we have major wardrobe envy. If we had enough of the fortune to spend on a perfect pair of clothing and accessories.

However, there are still ways you can get the most fashionable look for your college every day without having to spend a lot of cash. It is all about using some style tricks and you will look classy in no time and on a budget.

Here is a college girl’s guide to looking classy always.

Wear lipstick always

Who doesn’t want to put on some makeup, some smokey eyes and get all dressed up? But with college, you probably have no time, or that sort of money to get you fancy makeup products. Also, then there are the skills you need to perfect your makeup. But still, you can manage to glam up! Just a lipstick is all you need. And the classic red lipstick goes a long way.

Sport an updo

Well, we have accomplished so far that you don’t have the time really to get all the styling going. A pony tail or updo is a hairstyle that is inexpensive and gives the most put together look. Consider this your hair is out of your face which accentuates your facial features and also this style of hair directs attention to your face, ears, neckline which can allow accessories to be on full display if you choose to wear one.

Clothing investment

It is a common tendency to love every cute piece that you see while shopping. However, if you shop strategically for investment clothing it will pay off better. You have to have a mixture of staple pieces with budget friendly trendy items in your closet. For instance, your jeans are a classic and staple piece with which you can style any cute top. You wardrobe staples must be a little black dress, jeans, and well-fitted bra.

Shop off season

Just like being strategic about what you buy you need to strategize when you should buy. Shopping for the fall outfits at the beginning of fall will be expensive, which goes the same for summer. Avoid the temptation and shop when nobody else is purchasing. You will be able to get yourself some good deals.

Invest in some jackets

Jackets are every girl’s savior when you have something formal going on in college or just for those days when you aren’t really feeling like putting together something great and bung on plain t-shirt and jeans. Considering the type of weather condition you reside in choose the type of jacket you need to purchase. Maybe if you are looking something formal then go for blazers. There are plenty of options from leather, denim and more. They are mostly inexpensive and investment pieces that make you look elegant and sharp in no time.

Always get your nails done

It is not just clothes or your outfits that you need to look classy. You need to be groomed and getting your nails done will make you look instantly chic. You don’t have to go for a manicure every week but simple clipping, filing, and painting will make you look decent.


Accessories can make girls look classy instantly. If you love jewelry to accessorize then it can be your thing. If you have no time to put on jewelry then invest in a vintage handbag.

Get yourself some neutrals

Neutrals bring the sophisticated look in your wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans with a white top and camel jacket are straight up celebrity look you got there for your everyday college. It will definitely fit your budget.

In doubt go all black

For girls, to get the monochromatic look with no budget and effort go all black. Complete black outfit coordinates with everything and delivers a cool vibe. You can even go for a simple black dress and pair it with a jacket to top it up.

Never forget to be clean and confident

Make sure your clothes are wrinkle free, with the right fit and stain free. Plan your outfits day before so that you have enough time to iron out. Looking classy doesn’t need expensive pieces of clothing. Anything you wear carry it with confidence and it will deliver a stylish look.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)