Clear Signs You Are Stuck In a Toxic Job


Perhaps the company you work for is all one can dream of. Trendy culture, modern amenities, techy, unlimited snacks, perks that keep you secured for life etc. But the harsh truth will leave you thinking is it the ideal job you really want?

What is missing is an awesome boss, work and life balance as well as a company mission that aligns with your own values. There is absolutely no amount of free stuff that can compensate for the duties that compel you to sacrifice the things that matter to you the most.

Whether your office has the above luxuries or just the perks, here are the not-so-obvious signs that you’re stuck in a toxic job.

You choose your coworkers over your friends and family

It is always a blessing to have a harmonious team and best if you get along well with your coworkers.

But, outside work, you need to have a life. In case you already do, consider spending more time in it. It means that you need to scrutinize if you are prioritizing your colleagues over your friends, at the same time avoid canceling family events for work emergencies.

You work happiness defines your overall life happiness

Having a good day at work is all a person could ask for and is obviously better than having a bad one.

But, if the way your boss treats you or how well you are recognized by your colleagues defines your complete happiness in life, then it implies that you are truly not happy. You are relying on the validation of others to make you happy in life which is far damaging.

Happiness, when you accomplish your goals at the workplace as well as outside work, should be your real happiness.

You have difficulty sleeping

Having trouble sleeping and sleepless nights are signs of trouble in life. Perhaps you are stressed about the pending work, at the same time your mind is running the relay of meetings and over thinking about the conversation you had with your boss.

There is no job in the world that is worth losing your ability to rest. Lack of sleep will not refresh you and will make work and overall life miserable.

You perpetually think of work outside workplace

There is difficulty amongst many to stop thinking about work outside the workplace however even the people who enjoy their work need time to unplug.

If you frequently find yourself attending calls or emails from your boss or talking to your friends about work, you are devoting yourself too much to your job.

You are camping at your desk

Your work desk surely has a few necessities like a water bottle, office supplies, snacks etc.

However, a major indication that your job is taking over your life is when your work desk becomes an entire living space. Perhaps you have a few extra clothes stashed and a toiletry bag then surely you are making your office homier than your home and definitely sacrificing home time.

These red flags should be recognized early. If you relate to any of these, be ready to find a new organization that realistically manages work-life balance and not just pretends to.