China: Wuhan To Build Designated Hospital To Treat Coronavirus Patients


These days, China is grappling with the growing threat of Coronavirus. So far, 26 people have lost their lives due to the virus, and more than 900+ people got affected by it. A specialized hospital is getting built-in Wuhan City for the treatment of coronavirus patients. This hospital will get constructed on 6 acres of land at the moment. The Chinese media reports claimed that instructions are given to the construction company of China in this regard.

China has pledged to construct a hospital in just six days! The hospital will be around 1000 bedded. According to media, Building machinery, including 35 diggers and ten bulldozers, have already arrived .on site of construction. The company will prepare and present the complete design within a few days.

Health Department in Wuhan said that the number of patients is increasing due to infection from this virus. Due to which the number of beds in the existing hospital has decreased. Earlier in China, infection of Coronavirus appeared in 2003. But this time, the risk is ten times more than that.

Coronavirus (CoV) is a zoonotic, according to WHO. This means that it has spread from animals to humans through 2019-nov. It is believed that 2019-nCoV was spread by eating seafood. But now the coronavirus is spreading from human to human. It can spread by coming into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. There is no cure for it yet — neither a vaccine for the coronavirus (CoV) nor the 2019-nCoV.

China have sealed 5 major cities

China sealed five cities taking unprecedented steps to stop the spread of coronaviruses. Now, people from outside are banned from entering HugangEjhaoZhejiangQinjiang, and Wuhan in Hubei Province. In view of increasing congestion on the roads before the Chinese New Year, various modes of movement, including trains, trains, planes, have been stopped. Police, Swat teams and paramilitary personnel are deployed at the most affected Wuhan railway station in the country.