How Childlike Curiosity Inspires Entrepreneurial Mindset


Curiosity is widely recognized as being the essential factor for the mental health, good leadership, successful team building, and sound company culture. Since children are known blaze with curiosity we should recollect and connect with our childhood taste of curiosity and the power has will surprise you.

 Question the obvious

Children have an innate curiosity. They questions ‘why’ for about everything. They generally do this because they are building their means to interpret the world around them. The childhood educators advise parents that they should stimulate the children’s curiosity by asking them “why do you think so?” This deepens a child’s thinking process.

However, unfortunately, rigid upbringing, societal norms, and negative experiences can hinder our natural flow of curiosity and as we reach adulthood we self-censor most of the questions.

The root causes of most of the situations we face can be revealed by just asking “why” many times just as kids do. You think about your choices intensively this way. It is applicable to various situations.

Learn about what you don’t know

Start admitting that you don’t know something or enough of something rather being embarrassed. This way you allow yourself to creatively reframe the situation from new perspectives. Children are absolutely not ashamed of admitting their lack of knowledge and they are on top of their potentials to discover the new and the unknown.

The fact is learning doesn’t have any age boundaries or any boundaries for that matter. Expand your knowledge for something you have been neglecting, build curiosity for the things ignore learning. You could take help from your mentor or take online courses. You could even learn something daring that you wouldn’t dare think about.

Start with simple things daily as well. Like children smile at every stranger you cross, spend little time with people you dislike which can potentially shift what you feel. This practice has a power of possibilities.

Create with humility

Every adult must take notes from how children build and take part and then build again. Children hardly waste time on theorizing something and start building prototypes. And they never even waste time seeking power.

Challenge the assumptions

Who better than from children can we learn about challenging assumptions? They redefine possibilities by turning assumptions inside out. They mentally and physically explore the possibilities even though we as adults assume and tell them to not attempt something. They, however, teach us that you can discover possibilities through exploring and doing things even though it means taking risks. Every entrepreneur must take note!

Keep moving and looking forward

Children never give up! Imagine if a toddler gave up after several attempts of learning to walk and tripping over every time. Rather feeling self-pity they quickly move past it and try again. Entrepreneurs must draw inspiration from this. Failure is nothing but a building block towards high resilience power and success.