Check out some Tricks to Improve Communication Skills at Work


An employee complaint about the other employee to the manager, the HR assumes the situation without finding the facts, an employee makes a comment which results in conflicts, people misinterpreting each other at office, or the manager unintentionally assigns the same project to two employees. These are some of the issues which create miscommunication at workplace.

A lot of other issues also take place at an office premise and by looking at these day-to-day problems it’s known that the disagreements and conflicts are the result of miscommunications. Miscommunication can also result into misunderstandings, missed opportunities or missed deadlines. Check out these four ways to resolve work place conflicts and improve colleague relations through improved communication.

identify and value personal difference:

There can be a lot of reasons for conflicts and one of them includes opposing each other’s work style, view points and behaviors. if clashes and conflicts are a constant affair and is becoming a problem for the team and its performance then you should evaluate the situation and work according to it. Best solution for this problem is that you should recognize others problems and their style to communicate, this will help in building the bridge of understanding.

Identifying the issues at work place is the main thing and doing this would help initiate the discussions which help resolving the workplace conflicts.

Develop listening abilities:

You might be hearing from your colleague but do you know what exactly are they saying? People generally when attending a group meeting or something often don’t understand or listen to what others are saying or want to say. But it is very important to listen to each other.

Listening is an underestimated skill which is important and can put a great impact on how frequently conflicts take place and how they can be avoided.

Set your expectations clear:

Expectation management in accordance to what others expect from you or what you expect from others is the most necessary thing one can do to improve communication. Whatever you or your colleagues want from others should be defined clearly.

Most times managers a lot a duty to their employee but fail to make them understand about the format/structure, timelines quality or several more key factors linked with work.

Speak up about the issues immediately and openly:

When the conflicts arise on your work place, action should be taken to resolve it. if a leader comes across any such conflict and fail to resolve it, then he is fostering the credibility of the leader and the company.