The CEO of Levi’s Says You Should Never Wash Your Jeans and Here Is Why


Won’t life be easier without having to wash your jeans regularly? It is such a pain and hassle to wash jeans knowing it weighs ten times more when wet and looses its shade little by little with every wash. So how would you feel if there is now a valid reason for not washing your favorite jeans?

This is an absolutely true phenomenon. One of the biggest jeans manufacturers in the world CEO Chip Bergh of the renowned brand Levi’s revealed that you should never wash your jeans in an interview with Fortune magazine. He also provides us with valid reasons to support his statement.

Chip Bergh says that the consumers have gone into an autopilot mode and chuck everything in the laundry automatically after we are finished wearing something. He suggests that a good pair of denim doesn’t need washing in the washing machine except very rarely.

He further adds that washing a pair of jeans will damage the material and is actually a waste of water. When he was asked what he does when his jeans get dirty he replied that he simply spot cleans if the jeans aren’t a total mess. And he says if he really feels like his jeans a good old washing he would do it the traditional way. He hand washes his jeans and air dry them.

We have all been fans of the brand at some point in our lives or always and all these reasons coming straight from the CEO of Levis definitely has some credentials to it which are not ignorable. He even adds that the good old Levi’s are made to last and are sustainable and they will sustain if people know how to treat them right.

So here is your reason for all the lazy people out there and for the people who are obsessed with cleanliness to not wash your jeans.

(photo credit: levistrauss, sportsdirect, fortunedotcom)