Business Lessons Watching Game Of Thrones Can Teach You



You might be wondering we are kidding about this one. But no, we aren’t! Although the series is all about wars, dragons and families who are trying to make their own iron throne, there are a lot of business lessons you can learn from this series.

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You must have this line a million  times in this series – “A Lannister always pays dept”—but have you ever wondered how important is it as a business rule? This community which is showcased as one of the richest and powerful one always keeps a close eye on paying their debts in time. And they always make sure that they are aware of the debt terms.

Let The Fight Begin:

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Have you ever paid keep attention to Tyrion Lannister’s words—“Your enemies hate each other as much as they hate you” This is the main reason when you enter a market you already have a lot of competitors. You should them fight in the campaign fights and make your entry only when necessary.

Loyalty and Freedom goes hand in hand:
Let your  employees work under you enjoy the freedom to work. Your employees will be loyal to you only if you allow them to enjoy what they like to work on. It is a very clever strategy an entrepreneur can use.


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A little bit of sacrifice and kindness can definitely portray your persona as a really good man in front of your employees. “The occasional kindness will spare you all sorts of trouble down the road” -that’s what the queen said.  You don’t always need to be a cruel boss you can show you a bit of kindness too.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall:

Image result for Robert BaratheonLogically speaking, no one can win a battle alone! This is what even Robert Baratheon, the King of Seven Kingdoms explains. He mentions how the power of an army can work and held up five fingers against one. Asking the queen, which number is greater and she guesses it wrong: Power comes in one unified approach. So, you need your team to be united and fight the competitive world of business.