Business Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Wonder Woman


Internationally famous psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman and made a debut the year 1942. Wonder Woman since then has been a suffragist, sex symbol, and the most popular comic book characters. Now, with the release of the blockbuster movie, it becomes vital to mention that she is an inspiration to millions.

Here is what entrepreneurs can learn from Wonder Woman.

Rebranding with time

Throughout the decades, Wonder Woman character and her civilian identity Diana Prince has gone through change and has been updated. Even initially Wonder Woman took a year to get a cover. Her name was changed from Suprema to Wonder Woman by apparently William Moulton Marston’s editor Sheldon Mayer. Wonder Woman originally was from Paradise Island and in the year 1980, she was from Themyscira.

In short, absolutely everything about Wonder Woman has been mend and changed from the origins to her customs and powers. This tells us that we should rebrand timely and should rebrand our business time as and when needed. Perhaps you have made a mistake or you observe market taste change that is when you know your business needs rebranding. Pay attention to your target audience and be adaptable.

Being a warrior for truth, peace, and equality

What makes Wonder Woman’s character appealing is her goals to bring peace and equality and promoting truth. This is what makes her a good leader and teammate. Which is why her most popular weapon is the Lasso of Truth that compels one to tell the truth.

Honesty and integrity are part of entrepreneurship as well. It is what makes them exceptional leaders. This is the driving force for the people around them such as the employees, stakeholders, and customers. It helps them in making the right decisions for their business and what makes them distinct from their shady competitors.

Exercise the power of empathy

The Wonder Woman has the power of empathy which allows her to detect other’s emotions which also explains her significance being a member of the Justice League.

Empathy is thus a very important skill an entrepreneur should possess. When you understand other’s situations by walking in their shoes, you are able to solve their problems better. And that’s what leadership is all about making the world a better place.

Even with the odds against you, battle fearlessly

Diana has battled with the gods, monsters and even allies like Superman without any fear. Even with all the odds against her, the Wonder Woman battles those enemies for the welfare of humanity. That being said, she never misses having a strategy. She never steps into battle without a plan.

As an entrepreneur, the odds can always be against you. Always strategize and test the market. Before entering the battlefield validate your ideas.

Turn your weakness into strength

One of Wonder Woman’s trademark is her indestructible bracelet that deflects bullets. Entrepreneurs are bound to have times of troubles such as business falling apart or rejection by investors. But you need to learn to embrace your shortcomings. Turn those failures into your strength and opportunity. This will make you a strong individual and entrepreneur reminding you of what you should not do in the future.

Stamina and endurance of a superhuman

Wonder Woman along with her other strengths has the greatest power of superhuman stamina and endurance. Unlike other superheroes, Wonder Woman can remain in a fight till the end with the enemy.

Stamina builds a great entrepreneur. Jet lags, loneliness, events, parties, pointless meetings, mental fatigue, personal drama, major setbacks, the sleepless night will all require stamina. A sharp mind and body are what you want.

The glory of success and how to handle it

Wonder Woman has her fair share of victories but she never boasts about it. She gives credit to whom it belongs. A great entrepreneur would never steal credit for a work accomplished by someone else. An influential entrepreneur acknowledges the hard work of the entire team and has a “we” attitude. They celebrate all the victories together and never play the blame game.

The importance of mentorship

To become a warrior Diana knew she would have to seek a mentor to guide her in becoming the Wonder Woman. Diana’s aunt Antiope was one of her mentors. Every entrepreneur should similarly seek mentors for training and guidance in order to hone your skills. Mentors can share their experiences and their knowledge of the business.

(Photo Credit: The Mary Sue, The Cosmopolitan)