Business Ideas For Indians Under An Investment Of Rs 10,000


If you also want to start your own business, but you do not have lakhs of rupees, then there is nothing to worry about. One can start some profit-making business by just investing ten thousand rupees. There is always demand in the market for these businesses and you can earn a lot of profit in them.

Here are some business ideas for Indians within an Initial cost of Rs 10,000 –

Printers and Photo Copy Business

This business is started at 8-10 thousand rupees. For this, you just have to set up work nearby a college, a government office or a court-office.

Plant nursery

People like to grow plants in the balcony of their homes. Now the trend of indoor plants has also increased considerably. In this case, plant nursery can be a good business. One can start this business comfortably under 10 thousand rupees.

Mobile Recharge, accessories & Sim Card Shop

In this business, you only have to invest 8-10 thousand initial. This business is always in demand and once can start this business in your home or a small shop.

Breakfast Shop

In a country like India, many offices going to people are dependent on small breakfast shops that serve sandwiches, tea, and other foods. A breakfast shop can be a good business option for women. If you make good food, then you can start this business from home too. Food and price play an important role in this business.

Tuition point

Tuition is a business that can be started with very little investment. One can start this business from the home or by renting a small shop. At the same time, to start this business, one can start it by investing Rs 10,000. If you are good at teaching, then you can easily start this business.

Fast Food Joint

Fast food is very popular among people in India. People love to eat Chinese fast foods along with cold drinks and snacks. In such a scenario, the business of fast food joints can be quite profitable. This business can also be started within 8 to 10 thousand rupees.