Britain’s Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Big news has come from Britain amidst the havoc of Corona that continues around the world. 

Prince Charles of Britain is now tested positive for Corona-virus.

Clarence House (British royal residence) announced that Prince Charles’ coronavirus test has come positive. Above all, he isn’t facing any complication, and his health is fine. However, Prince Charles has reported mild symptoms and is under medical supervision.

He got tested for coronavirus in Scotland along with his wife Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, who’s test report has come negative. A Clarence House spokesperson said that according to government and medical advice, the Prince and Duchess have now isolated themselves at their home in Scotland.

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According to the official statement, “It is not possible to ascertain from whom the Prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks.” However, as the Prince is over the age of 70, his age bracket makes him at an elevated risk.

prince charles coronavirus

Buckingham Palace stated that “Queen Elizabeth” remains in “good health,” as she last saw Prince Charles on March 12. A few days ago, he was filmed pulling back his hand to avoid handshake. Instead of a handshake, he made a gesture of “namaste.”

So far, 8,077 coronavirus cases got recorded in the UK with a death toll of 422 people. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson even announced a three-week lock down to prevent coronavirus infection. However, even with lock down, the country isn’t able to handle people, thus making lock down a partial failure.