Best places to Travel in 2018


From rising hotspots to destinations you might have once glanced over, these are the top places to travel in 2018. Check out below:

Queens-town, New Zealand:

This place has breathtaking views, year round beauty and incredible hospitality. A person can book a stay at luxury lodge such as Matakuri or Blanket Bay. The other side of Queenstown has a direct access to mountains. At Botswana Butchery, one can have a cozy dinner or enjoy Champaign at the Hip Bar inside the Spire, which is one of the best boutique hotels in that area.


This Ice cloaked White Continent is a great place to take inspiration from. One can reach their only through planes and boats. The things you would love discovering in this place are the spectacular glaciers, penguins and that thrilling view of nature.

New Orleans:

There are so many reasons why you should have Orleans on your To-Do list every year. The city’s sculpture gardens, Galleries and activist Brandan Odums 35,000 square foot portrait gallery warehouse Studio Be which would give you more than sufficient in a weekend.

The Azores, Portugal:

This ocean is still unseen by most of the travelers. Its black sand beaches, jagged cliffs and waterfalls running into other waterfalls. One can even go hiking through its dense forest. So plan up for this is the year to get there before everyone else does.

South Korea:

South of Korea is the best place to explore.  The Samsung Museum of Art is great place for all art fans. You can also spend your days checking out the Olympic villages or venture offshore to one of South Korea’s 3000 plus Islands. One can also explore fields of flowers and exquisite tea plants on Jeju.

Quito, Ecuador:

This place is situated at Andean Foothills at a height of 2,850m. Quito is the most beautiful city of South America. Its beauty with serenity, amazing weather, good restaurants, the top class infrastructure and services, and the most important thing is that this place is affordable enough. You can say Quito in today’s time is a world class Metropolis with a lot of surprises in every corner of the city.

Great Barrier Reef Australia:

This is off the coast of Queensland situated at northeastern Australia, which is the biggest place on earth. This place is so big that it is visible from the outer space. One can snorkel, dive, swim and sail this master piece. Island resorts between the clear and warm water are places one would love staying at.