The best hairstyle that suits your face shape


It is quite tricky to actually pick a hairstyle that looks great on you and goes with your lifestyle. Most importantly because you cannot regrow your hair back once you get the cut. A bad hairstyle has the capacity to make you look a little bit off and also lower your confidence.

Your hairstyle should mainly depend on the kind of face shape you have. Read on to understand exactly what kind of hairstyle you should get yourself the next time that will not just suit you but make you look your best.

Round face shape

To balance the roundness, square styles will be the best. It will also offset height and volume. Make sure to keep the sides shorter and have off-center parting.

Square face shape

Short hairstyles will accentuate the prominent bone structure. The tight style will add volume to the top and don’t part the center.

Oblong face shape

Hair styles that leave the same length of hair on the sides, as well as the top, will balance your face length. Cut your hair short or medium to have the hairstyle that suits your face and accentuates your feature.

Diamond face shape

Get a hairstyle with layers. You should get high volume styles so that it minimizes your wide cheekbones. Alternatively, you have an option of swept bangs that will work great to balance your features and look your best.

Triangular face shape

Mid length style would work best for your face shape. An offset parting or swept bangs will make you look your best. This is because it will help to minimize your forehead width.

Oval face shape

If you have this face shape then it is considered to be the ideal face symmetry. You can style your hair with any cut but make sure you stay away from bangs.

(Photo Credit: menshairstyletrends)