Best Fabrics To Go For In Summer.


The toughest part in the hot weather for women is to choose the best fabric that will be comfortable as well as help in maintaining the temperature of the body under the hot sun. While shopping for the apt summer wardrobe collection, keep in mind you have to go for light weight material and breathable clothes. One way to check the appropriate quality is to feel the cloth; check if air passes through it and the comfort level by wearing it.

So let’s find out the best fabrics that will not suffocate you down even if you are fully covered under the sun.

1. Linen

This is absolutely appropriate material to wear during summer. The best traits of linen fabric are that it is breathable and light, at the same time dries quickly if turns damp or soggy due to sweat. These days the linen clothes are tightly woven so one does not have to worry about the wrinkling of the fabric. Go for the textured linen clothes which are classy for formal looks in summer.

2. Cotton

Cheers to all our mothers who have always known this and have been telling us to go for cotton materials during summer! Yes, popular from traditions to come, cotton is the fabric available in any weight, is affordable and comfortable to wear. Gingham, dotted Swiss, poplin, eyelet, Madras, corduroy etc are the perfect sunny wear. It is essentially known for being durable, keeps the skin cool and absorbs any moisture instantly.

3. Rayon

Similar to the other two, rayon material also keeps you cool and comfortable. Although semi-synthetic, it is prepared from chemically processed natural cellulose to generate fibers. The disadvantage can be its low durability and the fact that it has to be dry-cleaned.

4. Silk

Okay, so how did silk come under this category? Surely, silk has the tendency to retain moisture and heat, even evidently showcasing sweat stains. However, look for some loosely woven ones which can be easily carried as silk is light weight.

Never forget that color plays a key role here as well. A black cotton top can be comfortable and look chic, however, will absorb the sun rays and heat. Go for the light colors that reflect light and rid you of heat. Summer is not for tight fitted clothes so go for a baggier look. Long and airy sundresses can be hip as well as loose fitted trousers or shorts. Khadi cotton material is very much in vogue for shorts or shrugs during the summer season. Also, sheer tops are another type of clothes that are trending. Pair it over beige or gray inner wears or go for the pastel shades and you should be ready for the summer look!