Being In Love With Two People At The Same Time


Love is a compelling feeling, and most people realize that enough to use it to illustrate situations where they genuinely do feel strong emotions. When your heart starts beating for not one but two people, what will you call it! These days, this kind of love is becoming common among the youth. Feeling like you’re in love with two different people at the same time can be nerve-wracking. For beginners, our community tends to instill in people that it’s not even attainable, let alone an acceptable state of being in.

Psychologists believe that love also comes in flavors, which can make you feel like two people together. This does not mean that you are no longer in love with your first love, but now another person is starting to like you. It depends on the people and their feeling. The attraction is a biological experience, and it is possible that you are already in a relationship, and you have found someone else and feel good because you have no control over your hormones.

One might feel constrained to describe both people about your emotions, to split up with your current partner, or to initiate an affair with the newer one, all of which are likely to have troublesome outcomes for you and the other two people.

“The best thing one can do in this situation is to take the time to cultivate and love yourself.” It’ll encourage you to be more cognizant of the qualities in a partner that matter most to you and eventually will make your choice a little easier. It can be confusing and awkward for two people to keep feeling together, but at the same time there is a lot of fun, the experience can also be fun. To sustain such a relationship constant, the people who are associated with it should know, and no one should be hurt.