How to Become a Well-Dressed Guy


When you are well dressed it complements your personality. Dressing well is not just anything but takes real work just like putting together an art. You need to pick pieces of an outfit smartly to look your best and be able to make an impression. At the same time, there are elements like confidence, physique, and grooming that gives you the finishing touches to be a well-dressed guy.

Here are tips to become a well-dressed guy and look irresistible.


This isn’t necessarily your weight but more of your fitness level. You can be slim or fat but you need to be healthy by doing regular workouts. When you are fit and healthy your face will remain fresh which is important in looking good. At the same time, your clothes will fit better when you are fit.


Grooming is a major part of being well-dressed. Even the best of clothes can look tacky on a person if they are not well groomed.


You need to have a good taste in clothing before even thinking of looking good. Your choice should match the current trend or you could take help from a stylist or look up some fashion bloggers online to have a better sense of the trends in fashion.

The fit

So as you are on your way on aligning your physique, grooming and choice of clothing next come the fit of clothing. Fitting determines how well you look in a piece of clothing. The loose fitted clothes make you look tacky and reckless.

Good pair of shoes

Starting from the tip you have put everything together in the perfect way now comes the toe. Get a pair of perfectly matching shoes for your outfit. This section too needs complete attention.


Accessories are small details that add essence to your complete look. Tie, watch or scarf anything can be added to your outfit to complement your look and make you look sharper.


After you have physically put together everything right confidence will help you carry it mentally. You need to trust your instincts and pull of outfits with confidence.

(Photo Credit: elkhorn plaza barber)