How to Become a Millionaire This Year


One might think becoming a millionaire is not possible for you but with the right attitude and effective guidance you can reach it too. You can grow once you set your mind to it and thus changing your mindset to achieve the goal of becoming a millionaire.

With this mindset no matter what financial or mistakes failures you come across you will not lose it. Here is a structure or tips to follow to help you become a millionaire.

Analyze your present financial status

You need to know where you stand before you take a step further. Note everything down on paper, and find out the changes you need to make to achieve your financial goals. Prepare a financial plan with an evaluation of your current savings and expenditures to guide you through next steps.

Do not get discouraged if the current financial habits don’t satisfy you. Consider this positive step towards building an effective financial plan. You need to know where you can clearly save and track your finance. Prepare lifestyle and finance goals.

Find ways to increase current income

Next, you need to find ways to achieve the financial goals that you laid out. Nothing works with cutting your daily coffee purchases however you need to figure out ways to grow your current income.

Look at the first option which is to check with your current employer. There are chances of promotions or a new position in the same company that offers a higher salary. Then you have other options of side jobs that can help you generate regular income or extra money.

Consider new revenue streams

Millionaires have more than one source of revenue. Find something that can generate extra cash on a monthly basis but start small. You can offer your expertise as a freelance consultant or put up blog posts or provide guest lectures. Teach or mentor, rent a spare room or opening an online store can be your other options.

Start saving

Build a strategy for savings whereby your income is split into living costs, personal expenses, and savings. Living costs are your bills, grocery expenses, personal expenses are holidays, eat outs etc.

Become frugal

To get the rich life you need to begin with being more frugal. Avoid going for branded products and cut down spending lavishly. Start using more coupons and look for freebies. Purchase from the supermarket’s brand and use more of public transport. Avoid restaurant food and cook at home.

Avoid debt

It is best to avoid debts at all costs to become a millionaire. Credit card, for instance, is an expenditure you make without considering if you will be able to pay it back in the first place.

Consider your credit card as an option to get out of an emergency crisis rather than a luxury. To help you better keep away from your credit card especially while going to shop and also remove it from any online shopping site’s account in case you have linked. This will make you think twice before spending on items or products that you really don’t need.