Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know Before She Turns 30


Every woman desires to look beautiful even after turning old. But the fact is when a girl starts turning old; she slowly starts seeing a lot of changes in her body. Some start getting wrinkles, some face excessive hair fall and some start witnessing gray hair. All these are signs of an old soul which no one likes, and so women are constantly finding solutions for these worries.

In the race of finding the best solutions to these queries, we have gathered all the beauty hacks for women to try at the age of 30.

Beauty happens at night:

Everybody is aware of the consequences a person faces when slept with their makeup on, because at night whatever is applied to the skin it gets absorbed affecting the skin deeply. Bedtime is the time when you can fight line and wrinkles, dry lips, cuticles, heels and more. Therefore night time is the best to try these out.

Break your lip balm addiction:

Reapplying lip balm is said to be bad for the lips as it can prevent skin from breaking free. Exfoliate your lips when you exfoliate your face and use a fresh cloth or a soft toothbrush, apply Vaseline and gently massage your lips with the toothbrush. Apply moisturizer once done.

Don’t pick your face:

Some people have this bad habit of picking their pimples. But picking pimples can leave scars or tiny red spots which are visibly dark and looks ugly. Avoid doing this instead, wash your face frequently. This would help the pimple dry fast.

Trimming hair is important:

We have known this from several people but we do not tend to believe it. Though this is a fact that trimming down the double ended hair is important for the growth. Hair grows faster when trimmed.

Gray air:

In olden days people used to dye their overall hair in order to look young, but the ritual has changed. Nowadays with the new generation, new products have come into existence. People colour only the strands which have turned grey.

Exercise daily:

A small walk, jogging, few crunches are good to stay fit. These activities can improve blood circulation in the body leaving your skin glowing and young looking.

Make an after bath routine:

Having an after bath routine leaves you all pampered and moisturized. Use exfoliation as your after bath routine making you look young and glowing.

Quit smoking:

It has been clinically proven that smoking is harmful to a person’s body. Beside’s that your friends and family would be happy to see you quit your smoke game.

No one can remain beautiful forever without putting any efforts. Therefore follow these expert tricks to groom yourself. Given above are the hacks to deal with your skin and personality.