Bad Habits That Everyone Is Guilty Of and Should Change Immediately


Most of us are regularly involved in some bad habits that we must stop now. Most of the daily and life habits are actions out of comfort living or being little pampered by your family. Even if there is no particular reason behind these habits we are all accustomed to repeating it.

Snoozing your alarm

You set your alarm for a time in the morning and once it rings you set it again for minutes later and later end up waking up with just enough time to take shower and begin with the day. However, it ruins your sleep cycle; you end up wasting more time and will not give you the energetic start that you need to start up with your day. So next time you set an alarm and it rings, obey it and wake up that moment.

The ‘I don’t care’ attitude we think is cool

It feels so cool when we think nothing of anything matters to us, well I don’t care, but it’s not cool at all. Things matter and so why pretend that we don’t care for it. The work matters to you and so get rid of the attitude and get going.

Skipping breakfast because who got time for that?

Probably the only time you get in the morning is to get ready and run to lectures or to work. This also covers our first point. If you get up early you will be able to have your breakfast which is essential for your health. Breakfast also plays a part in energizing your day and keeping you full till the next meal while you otherwise go about having unhealthy snacks every now and then.

Avoiding confrontations

In the dilemma of what if I offend someone or say something wrong, you avoid the confrontation altogether because it is the easy thing to do. Not knowing that not confronting is the wrong thing. You need to confront no matter how unpleasant the conversation is going to be. Sometimes it is the need for the hour.

Texting or going through your phone when conversations are on IRL

It is very rude to pick up your phone and text or even scroll aimlessly to avoid a conversation or tune out of boring ones. When someone is trying to make a conversation with you better reciprocate the efforts.

Binge watching favorite shows

When you find every season and each episode right in front of you of your favorite shows, you cannot stop yourself from watching all of it. But you could rather do something productive in that time. Make yourself to watch not more than 2 episodes a day.

Losing track of how much you spent on yourself

Do you end up splurging on yourself and forget how much you have spent? Remind yourself of the beneficial things that can be bought with the money rather spending on things or items that you don’t bother to even use that often.

Binge eating

It is so easy to just literally eat anything at any time or whenever you get time free. Just a relay of food items that enter your body, rather eat healthy snacks within 2 hours interval to keep yourself satisfied and stomach full.

Sleeping late and calculating the exact hours of sleep you will get

There are many distractions or even work that keeps you up. But sleep is very vital and you have to cut off at a point where you know you will get enough sleep to feel refreshed the next day.

A very bad work-life balance

Work takes a toll on everything and you sometimes completely miss the fact that there is a life for you to lead. Success becomes the only thing we focus on and stress builds up. It won’t happen if you put yourself and your happiness before work.

Social media stalking

You can deny it but most are guilty of it. People put their life up on social media for the world to see and in the bargain of knowing someone you end up stalking them. But intentionally stop on yourself right on track.