Arnab Goswami Can’t Hide His Excitement On BJP’s lead, Refers Sunny Deol As Sunny Leone


For the last several days, the country was awaiting the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 and finally, the day came and the results of the elections came out. However, the actress, Sunny Leone, started to become trending on social media in the middle of the election result.

Anchors were constantly telecasting electoral results on various TV channels since morning. Actor Sunny Deol was contesting in the Lok Sabha election from Gurdaspur on the BJP ticket. Meanwhile, Anchor Arnab Goswami, on TV channel Republican, told viewers accidentally that Sunny Leone instead of Sunny Deol was leading in her electoral area. Although he immediately corrected his mistake and said sunny Deol. Arnab was trolled heavily on social media. Not only did Sunny Leone herself laugh at Twitter, but she also tweeted, Leading by How many votes?

After this incident Arnab suddenly became the subject of discussion and ridicule, although it may have happened due to slipping of speech since he was debuting in electronic media, the video became viral and became the subject of discussion on the social media. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to become the next government once again in the country. Sunny Leone is one of the popular Bollywood actresses and she has appeared in many films because of her amazing acting. She has worked with Bollywood actors like Shahrukh Khan, Imran Hashmi, Randeep Hooda and many more.

Sunny Leone has given her opinion on social media about the election trends of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, like other Bollywood celebrities. Sunny Leone has given some opinion on the Twitter account on the Twitter account (Results 2019), which is becoming very viral on social media. Sunny Leone has written on her Twitter account among these enthusiasts of election trends: “How many votes are going forward?” In this way, Sunny Leone has pinched the enthusiasm of Lok Sabha elections. So far, 75,000 people have already liked her tweet,12,000 people have retweeted and 4000 people have commented on sunny’s tweet. Besides this, people like Milap Zaveri and Mini Mathur have also liked her post. It is worth mentioning that Sunny Deol has won elections from Gurdaspur.