Apparently, Your Taste in Music Determines How Hot You Are


So what it is that makes a person’s taste in music good and how does it affect their personality? In a way that it can make them attractive, according to a new scientific study that is conducted by University of Vienna researchers.

The study is started in order to understand how music effects sexual attraction between two people. Also if listening to certain songs influences an individual’s choice of partner. The results were affirmative.

According to the study, when exposed to music women rated male faces as more pleasing and showed a willingness to date them. One of the authors of the study, Helmut Leder states that facial attractiveness is a vital physical characteristic that influences one’s choice of partner and they wanted to see how music can alter the perception of this feature.

There were 96 heterosexual participants who were given an image of a face from the opposite sex in a neutral expression along with excerpts of certain songs. The participants were instructed to rate the faces depending on how attractive they found the faces and also answer if they would or wouldn’t date that person. The experiment was repeated without the music excerpts to find the conclusion.

So the result showed that the more stimulating and complex music was played the more likely were the participants to date the faces. But this was only the case with women who were subjects as the same is not true of the male participants.

The research is intended to carry out on large scale. The goal of researchers is to replicate these results in a large sample and for modification of certain aspects of the study. Another author adds that they would like to clearly understand whether musical abilities and creativity are able to compensate for partial physical appearance and fitness deficiencies.