Amazing Ways To Style Your Hijab For Eid



It’s Eid today and all those beautiful Islam followers out there must be struggling to find the best way to tie their scarf and look stunning on this festive occasion. Learn to style your hijab just like a pro and feel pretty within. Here are a few ways you can make your Hijab look absolutely wonderful.

Adventurous Kind:

Related imageIf you’re looking for a twist in your regular turban style, then you can definitely try this style. All you have to do is tie a knot in the front, use the twists and turns to make it look perfect. Pair is with the trendy clothes you’ve got and you’ll be all set for Eid. If you’re choosing a colorful scarf for the turban make sure you’re clothes are plain colored.

Side Twist:

Image result for turban side twistYou can give your turban a side twist and this actually gives a woman strong and elegant look. Tie your turban like the way you usually do, but to get this style, let one side of the scarf flow downwards. This looks absolutely stunning in bold colors like gold gold and copper.

Creative Head:

Image result for side twist turban
You can get a nice creative hijab with a simple trick, braiding it! Well if you can braid your hair, why not braid your hijab? All you have to do it, tie a braid on the end of the head scarf.If a braid is not possible, try twisting the two sides of the scarf and tie it with a rubber band to get their creative braid.

Add Folds:

Image result for add folds to your hijab pinterestYou can simply add more folds to your hijab to make it the hijab and make it look voluminous and perfect for almost any outfit. Go for colors like teal, dark green, maroon and royal blue while choosing your scarf, so that the color pops out. This style is very simple and makes all the outfits look just fantastic.

Combining Style: 

Image result for combining turban and side twist hijabIf you’ve already become a pro in wearing turbans then you experiment on something new and that is combining styles. You can try wearing a turban with a creative side twist, experiment it by twisting the ends of the headscarf and pinning it in with the help of hijab pins. This way, you’ll also be able to show of your beautiful earrings and neck-piece.

So girls, what are you waiting for try out these amazing styles on this Eid and stun everyone.