He Failed In 9th Std, Dropped Out From Studies When 14 Years Old, And Then Found A Company Worth 1500 Crs!


The recognition of a brand is directly proportional to the likelihood of its market expansion. So when Maxx Mobiles roped in Mahendra Singh Dhoni in 2009 as their brand
ambassador everyone knew they had touched an important milestone of success. But this milestone didn’t come easy for  Ajjay Agarwal.

Yes, the big gun of the tech market, Ajjay Agarwal, who is just in case- the Founder and Managing Director of Maxx Mobiles, dropped out of his school (in 1992) when he was only 14.

The crorepati now had once failed at STD 9 from Children’s Academy School, and then he decided to quit organized education and joined his father’s electronic trade business in Mumbai itself.

This was not because of any other thing but of the fact that Ajjay was fascinated by business and wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur as soon as possible.

His first earning was for managing his father’s accounts for which he got paid Rs. 5,000.

He then foresaw that tech revolution was not so far, in fact, the entire country was on the brink of exploding market segments for IT and CS sectors. So, for a start, he helped his father to expand into musical instruments, mobile phone accessories, gadgets etc.

He started traveling to Malaysia and China to meet the manufactures and learned about each aspect of a mobile business.

In 2004, Ajjay decided to dive into manufacturing and started shaping
accessories like chargers, batteries, earphones etc.

The maiden year gained him a return of Rs 5 lakh which was enough to make him apprehend the potential of the trade. He was amongst the ones who definitely saw the incoming of the mass media and mobile tornado.

He put all his thrifts, products, and pledged money and began manufacturing at a large scale. By 2006, he was the owner of a massive revenue of Rs. 50 crore.

So, by then he had made 50 crs. from scratch in less than even 2 years.

He the launched the Maxx Mobiles in August 2008 becoming one of very few Indians who ventured directly in the intensive market of mobile phones.

It wasn’t easy. We had a challenging time keeping up pace with fast-changing
technology that out dated its previous versions every 6 months.

-said Ajjay.

He opened his first factory in Mumbai, then a second one a year later in Haridwar, followed by a third in Mumbai in 2009.

Ajjay’s company now enjoys a turnover of Rs 1,500 crore and all this had started with a dropout who left studies not because he undermined it he felt there something more he was capable of!