Advice from the Self-Made Billionaire That Can Save Your Business


Sergey Brin is the Google co-founder and the richest immigrant in America with a net worth over $45 billion. According to him, it is easier to solve bigger problems than little ones. He shared this when he was asked what drives Google X.

Every business founder and owner experience a lot of challenges. These include money management, growing revenue, staying motivated, and hiring process and so on. As suggested we should rather focus on a bigger solution instead of micro solutions for the problems so as to address multiple problems.

Brin’s statement actually talks about the concept of killing two birds with one stone in the challenge of addressing problems. For instance, securing tax credits and government incentives can address problems big and small. The state and local business tax credits and government incentives become a vital source of funding offering significant savings.

Securing tax credit and government incentives can reduce your tax burden and manages costs effectively. It will buy you time until purchase orders materialize and augment revenue. Money is the king in business and lack of it can disrupt your business.

In the year 2006, it was found that Brin was prone to developing Parkinson’s, after a scan of his genome. This discovery initiated a swing of research and development funding of one of the most stubborn diseases besides cancer and diabetes. Thus addressing the bigger problem can solve little problems simultaneously.

Parkinson’s now is not only fought with new methods but at the same time, other little problems are solving. Looking at your challenges the way Brin does can help you solve problems faster.