7 Things Not To Do Before Having Sex


Sex is very much significant in someone’s life. It brings two people close to each other and also provides a sense of joy and happiness. If your planning to have sex with your companion this weekend, then don’t forget to check on below-mentioned things –

Don’t eat garlic
Eating garlic can be very much disappointing as it will produce pungent smell from the mouth and will likely to turn off your partner. It will not only make a bad impact on your oral hygiene and will make your partner uncomfortable.

Don’t miss out to check the expiry of condom
Condoms play an essential role in sex, therefore don’t forget to carry it and also keep a check on its expiry date.

Don’t smoke a cigarette
Almost every woman who is a non-smoker hates the smell of cigarette. The tobacco present in it can result in the bad breath of smell and can turn off your partner.

Don’t be in stress
Stress will reduce your libido level to a greater extent and will even make you feel tired. Your sexual lifestyle due to stress will be affected badly. Therefore in order to kill stress, take a proper amount of sleep and do meditation to concentrate on lifestyle.

Pee before having sex
Always pee before having sex, this will decrease the risks of ailments like urinary tract infection and will also help you get better erection and increase the sex time.

Don’t drink heavily
Heavy drinking may affect your sex badly. It can reduce the sex timing, cause erectile dysfunction and even lower down your libido hence making you feel sleepy. Red wine is always preferable before having sex.

Don’t consume a heavy meal
A heavy meal will definitely make you feel tired and reduce down your level of libido. It will make you feel sleepy and can be a huge turnoff for you and your partner.