6 Proven Tricks to Keep Yourself Away From Day-to-Day Distractions


We live in a funny world where technology has taken over our daiky routine and we are so very controlled by this phenomenon.

On the counterpart, this also causes huge distractions that lead to annoyance and emotional imbalance.

We give you 6 proven ways to stay away from distractions and maintain a peaceful mental health:

1. Inversion

We always wonder about how to become more and more productive. As a result of which, we try everything we come across.

But the fun afct is taht ww have no clear idea of what can really work for us. Therefore, apply inversion — a mental model in which you think backwards.

With regular weekly intervals ask yourself:

What can I do to distract myself and lose complete focus?

The answers might include working in a noisy place, keeping the phone within reach, checking for new social media notifications, etc. Once you identify your distractions, avoid them. Knowing what not to do than what is to will make your more productive and resourceful.

2. Turn Off All Notifications

As the mobile phones happened, notifications were my biggest distractions.

Be it a WhatsApp or FB notification, each pop up will set you on a curious season for a while until that is read.

So turn off all your notifications.

3. Set Your Priorities Straight

When you pick a task, finish it with utmost priority. Ignore everything else.

Each time you enjoy even a minor win, your willpower will become strong by a percent.

4. The 5-Second Rule

You are lazy. And the fact is everyone is. Do not deny this trait. Embrace it.

And then you can take conscious steps to get yourself on track.

Mel Robbins’ Five-Second Rule states that when you don’t feel like doing something important, or when you know you must pull yourself away from a harmful activity, tell yourself:

I’ll do this activity in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

When you end the countdown, start the activity instantly.

5. Work Out!

Exercise well. Build your fitness and try to retain it. Absorb heathy habits and hygiene. Eat good and do routine free hand exercises.

It will train your mind to push itself to the next level.

6. Take A Break

Take a routine break. It is neccesary.

Switch off for some time every day. It gives you to relax and have some breathing time. It will help you to feel free and become more cognizinative.