5 Things That Triggers Your Skin To Turn Oily



We all have different skin types and we need to take care of it accordingly. If you are struggling to deal with your oily skin, first try to figure out what is causing it at the first place and then work on the remedies to control it. There are a lot of reasons that are possibly making your skin oily, we list out a few things that are triggering your to secrete more oil. Check out the following reasons, work on the root cause and say good-bye to oily skin.

Fried Food:

Your diet has a major impact on your skin, hair and body. If you consume too much of chips or fried items then you’ll definitely have an oily skin. Try munching on some fruits when you’re hungry between meals. Have a nutritious diet and say no to oily food.


Environmental conditions does affect the health of your skin immensely. If it’s too hot and humid, you will sweat and your skin will look oily. The only way to deal with it is, switching to a better cleanser and washing your face at least thrice a day.

For some, having an oily skin might be hereditary. It this type of skin runs in family, there’s a high chance of you having it too. There’s nothing you can really to do avoid it, because it is your skin type. You can keep a little tissues handy and let it absorb all the oil on your face. Don’t be harsh on your skin while you try to deal with oily skin.



Women tend to rely on make up to hide acne and spots. But, over-using make up can harm your skin, making it secrete more oil. Try using minimal make up and always cleanse your face before going to bed.

Washing Face Too Many Times:

Washing your face too many times and trying too hard to makes it look dry will backfire your idea. Reason being, when you make your face too dry, it automatically starts secreting oil to balance and bring a shine on your face. So it’s always best to not wash face too often to stay away from oiliness.