5 Reasons Why Having A Heart Break Is Good For You



Love makes life smooth and easy but it can lead to heart breaks when you’re least expecting it. We tend to cry and be unhappy about the heart breaks but you know, it’s probably the best teacher one can get. Heart breaks teach us life lessons which are essential for us to grow in life. CB lists out a few life lessons break-up teach us.

Image result for creative gifCreative Bug:

Image result for creative gifOnce you’ve had a break-up, you tend to become more philosophical and emotional type of a person. Those who work in the creative world have experienced an unusual inspiration which boosts their energy and creativity. Few actresses and singers have brought out the best in them while going through a heart break, one of the best examples is Selena Gomez.


Image result for not being dependent gifWhen in love, you’re being supported by your partner. He’s always there for whenever you need him. This eventually makes you dependent on him emotionally, mentally and physically. Be it lifting heavy weights or shopping bags, he always helped you but after a break up you gather all the courage to do it all by yourself. When you experience a heart break you tend to become independent and don’t rely on a man for anything.

Wiser And Stronger:

Image result for strong women gifYou’ll realize that things can turn bad as well. Until now, you were looking at just the positives in a person but from now on you’re aware that each person has two sides. You’ll be much wiser and stronger than prior.

Blind Trust:

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This is probably the best lesson you’ll learn from a heart break. Next time you meet someone you’ll be much wise on trusting. You’ll know the importance of analyzing and guarding yourself before trusting someone.


Image result for enjoy gifWe all would love to be eternally happy but it’s not possible. In fact, you won’t be able to enjoy happiness if you don’t have a sip of sadness. The essence of happiness is only experienced once you’ve gone through bad things in life. So, it’s very simple that a heart break teaches us to find happiness in simple things and enjoy life.