5 Locations for Budget Honeymoon


When you plan for the perfect wedding, you even plan a honeymoon that matches up with it. However flanked by the wedding, guests, and reception, you realize the whole budget for a perfect honeymoon has gone limited.

However, you still can have a budget honeymoon as we list down the 5 best budget friendly honeymoon destinations, without having to settle for any less for your once in a lifetime experience.


Morocco is an Arabian wonder place, fragrant spices and above all delightfully low prices. The place is known for its bargain marketplaces. Marrakesh, Fez, Essaouira are cities that offer medina that takes you back in time and cheap cafes.

There are plenty of shopping possibilities and you will get lost in the labyrinth of marketplaces. There are traditional courtyard houses that are filled with the abundance of character. Some are expensive but most are amazingly reasonable.


A great place to unwind and free of cost-related concerns. Have you always been worried about the fancy prices for fancy coffees? Portugal is not a place for it. Most of the cafes, even the extravagant ones price you a coffee for less than a dollar that is less than ₹60. You will get to enjoy the slenderness of the dessert and stunning farmhouses for cheap.


The adventures in Indonesia are immense, but comparatively in cheap prices. You can acquire rooms in Indonesia for less than $25 that is around ₹1600. Indonesia is ideal for any budget wanderers. Even with a low budget, you can have loads of fun in Indonesia. Everybody knows Bali beach, surfing, and boutique stays are some of the options. There are even many adventures in Indonesia’s islands.


Well if you insist on visiting the US, Honduras is located in the Central America that offers great budget options. Easily acquirable stays, affordable food, and this place is one of the cheapest to learn to dive. Take pleasure of the white sands in Utila and the scuba break. The island of Cayos Cachinos offers a very romantic getaway.

Puerto Rico

Among the islands of Caribbean, Puerto Rico has the best value for accommodation and food. Filled with historical monuments San Juan is America’s oldest cities among the others. To make the magical honeymoon zestier, go for the kayak in the night in Bioluminescent Bay. Puerto Rico happens to be cheaper around the May month, it is best to save by traveling during May, if you plan for Puerto Rico.

(Photo Credit: thehomesmatchmaker, globalCARS, Fijisharkdiving, Louisiana Consular Corps, Pinterest )