5 Best Plants for Skin Clearing


There are many products available that have natural ingredients that are almost unpronounceable, that have hardly worked over the time for skin cleansing. However there even exist ancient skin care techniques that have been passed down from generations that have a tremendous effect on skin’s overall health.

You just have to peek at your kitchen to find these natural acne treatments. The following plants are age-old detoxifying ingredients and compelling anti-inflammatory contents.


Neem is a well-known tree and has always been part of traditional hair and skin care remedies. It has exceptional therapeutic value. It contains properties like antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. Hence neem leaves are highly recommended for acne prone skin. It works as an anti-ageing ingredient. Also, helps in getting rid of blackheads.


Cumin is filled with phytochemicals that are acknowledged for antioxidants and anti-flatulent contents. Cumin helps in digestion and other respiratory disorders. This helps in protecting the skin from any sorts of environmental or internal harm. They even boost the health of skin cells.


Aloe Vera belongs to the cactus family. Upon cutting the leaves of aloe vera, a soothing gel extracts. It is well recognized to aid in healing. Aloe vera is known to reduce the signs of aging. It has medicinal properties that treat acne and moisturizes skin. It considerably has the capacity to reduce inflammation and pain. Aloe vera can substantially reduce the acne spots and blemishes.


Cilantro or coriander essentially has antioxidant powers. It contains minerals that help with complexion and vitamin C known for boosting skin health. It is an effective detoxifier, antibacterial, disinfectant and antifungal green. Cilantro is also recognized for treating blackheads or skin disorders. It proves very beneficial for oily skin.


Basil or Tulsi leaves completely prevents acne or pimples. It noticeably reduces scars and marks. It works well for anti-ageing. It adds a remarkable glow to your skin. Basil tightens skin pores. It can be used to treat skin disorders and promotes quick healing. Any irritation or itching on the skin due to pimples or acne can be treated by basil. It is a successful antibacterial.