4 Super Cool Ways To Wear Joggers



In the 90s joggers were known for it’s trendy look and comfort. Slowly, it is coming back in style. Girl, if you’re tired of sticky jeans and if you are looking for some comfortable pants, then the answer to this is, Joggers! Doubtful about it and wondering how you can wear it anywhere apart from gym? Well, check out these amazing styles and say good-bye to cramped and restricting pants.

Tough Chic:

If you’re the tough chic who loves riding and driving for long hours, then you must be having a clear idea how uncomfortable jeans are. We suggest you to opt for joggers which will look trendy and OH SO COMFORTABLE! Wear a slim fit T-shirt on your favorite joggers and pair it with a leather jacket and boots. You can even accessories your look by wearing neck-piece and bracelets.

Prints And Colors:

If you’re someone who loves prints and colors and don’t really like those boring single colored joggers then you can opt for printed joggers that are available in market. These look fabulous when worn it right. Wear a plain crop top or T-shirt and which suits your printed pants and go for flats when you choose your footwear.

Sport And Punk:

Joggers are the best pants to make that sporty and punky look work. You can wear a sports-bra or your gym T-shirt with loose joggers and wear a sneakers. Whenever you go for this sporty look, make sure you don’t overdo your make-up,let it look as minimal as you can.

Formal And Classy:

Formal and classy, yes that can happen with joggers! It’ very surprising but yes, joggers look really well for a formal look. While picking a joggers, make sure it is single colored, with no obvious prints, so that it doesn’t look like a joggers pant. Go for colors like black, grey or white so that it looks similar to a formal pants. Wear a formal shirt or button down shirt, pair it with peep toes heels or flats. Carry a formal clutch or bag to make it look formal and classy.

Try out these amazing styles and top that joggers trend.