4 Fashion Trends That Has Made A Come Back From History



Fashion trends keep changing and we love being updated when it comes to fashion and style trends. It’s funny how style trend changes within months and seasons. But, surprisingly some fashion trends have made a come back from the past and we are absolutely loving it. Corporate Bytes narrates the Fashion history of a few trends which have made a transitional come back.


These have been around for about a thousand years. From the Ancient Egyptian era to 2017. Historically is was termed as high fashion and at different circumstances and designs it signified differently. During the 19th Century, a woman wearing a plain black or red ribbon had ties with prostitution. In some scenarios it also signified secret lesbianism. Today, in 2017 almost every other girl owns a choker but now you know it’s history!


Usually worn by the elite class because of it’s unusual softness, appearance and high cost of production. The fabric has always been associated with royalty and nobility since it’s inception. If you’re someone who loves velvet just like us, then you must definitely thank Baghdad for bringing in such amazing fabric.


This fabric’s origin has always been debated till date. It gained popularity in the 16th Century and the trend spread like fire throughout Europe. When Europeans started colonizing other nations, the fashion trends reached other places around the world. The delicate lace has definitely left an imprint the fashion trends.


Pearls are what women love. It’s beautiful, shiny and probably the jewelry which is going to stay forever. Once upon a time, pearl jewelry were even worn by men. Remember the kings and queens from the medieval era? Pearls gave an essence of royalty and richness and hence it was an essential ornament for royal kings. Today, these are mostly used by women to look classy.