3 Cheapest Places To Visit With An Indian Passport



Everyone has a travel bug hidden inside. It’s just situational for every individual that they can’t travel very often. There are times when you wonder how do foreigners manage to save so much that they travel for several months. Well the answer is very simple, most travelers choose India and spend a long vacation in our country because their one dollar exchanges for a lot of rupees. Going on a trip to the western countries may not be affordable for all of us but there are a lot of countries you can still enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket.


Image result for bhutan places to visitIt’s very close to India and still hasn’t been explored much so far. Beautiful landscapes, peaceful monasteries, Himalayan Tours and interesting culture is what Bhutan has to offer you. It is definitely an excellent and cheap vacation destination you could opt for.
Travelling by road via bus or shared cabs costing 2,000 per head could help. You can go for accommodation which starts with 2,000. Enjoy all the scenic beauty and food at local joints. And with 25000 you’ll be able to wind up your five-day trip.

Nepal:Image result for nepal places to visitThis neighboring country has a list of mesmerizing places you can travel to. The best part about Nepal is, food and adventure both aren’t too expensive which will fit for budget travelers. You can visit the iconic monasteries and find peace there.
Expenses: You can book your flight tickets in advance to avoid spending exorbitant amount. You can get cheap accommodations at Kathmandu starting at 500 to luxury rooms costing up to 4000 per night. The best part is, you don’t need a visa to enter Nepal. A five-day trip can cost under 25000.


Image result for VietnamSlowly, Vietnam is becoming popular with tourists around the globe due to it’s scenic beauty which is very affordable. You can shop in those local markets and go on yacht cruises. If you love exploring, check out the wildlife, beaches and islands at Vietnam.
Expenses: Your flight expenditure may cost up to 18000. Accommodations begins at 600 and you’ll get amazing luxury rooms which starts from 1200. You can enjoy a five day trip under 45000.