3 Best Hairstyling Products for Men


Men’s grooming is not breaking news! The basic styling men need these days are for their hair. Any man would require hairstyling to boost confidence, improvise their appearance, and pull off a celebrity look or simply to get rid of a sloppy look. Well, most of the men, however, cannot find the difference between hair gels to hair wax.

With the endless range of products for men in the competitive market, here’s a refined set of product categories that suits any type of hair, with the best products in each category.

1. Hair Wax

You like the ‘messy look’, but when you try to get that look you end up looking disheveled. The perfect way to achieve the messy look and give a nice texture to the hair is hair wax. Compared to the other styling products hair wax provides the hair with a strong hold and is very less glossy. Men with wavy, straight or frizzy hair as well as with different hair lengths can benefit from using this as a daily hair routine. Style your hair however you like! The successively popular and the best hair wax in India are Gatsby hair wax range and relatively affordable than any other hair wax brand.

2. Pomades

Compared to the hair wax, pomades are more for the shinier look as it is more greasy and water-based. However similar to hair wax, pomades can be used on any hair texture or length and has good stiffening properties. For the ‘slick look’, pomades are the best! Again one can find pomades in the Gatsby range, along with other brands such as American Crew and Osmo. The cheaper alternative to these two brands is L’Oreal Paris and Yardley.

3. Styling Cream

This is a distinctive range of hair styling product altogether unlike hair wax and pomades who are almost similar. This can be attributed for curly hair as this is a thick liquid and can be effectively tactful for frizzy and unruly hair. It absolutely has no stiffening property and provides low shine. The hair is moisturized and manageable with the use of this product. Brylcreem is the most popular styling cream in India and bestseller on Amazon.

So to conclude traditional hair styling products like gel and mousses are no longer in trend. Moreover, the above-mentioned products are highly advantageous for styling. While buying the product make sure to check the label carefully. Hair waxes can be incorrectly labeled as pomades as the term is being used interchangeably for ‘men’s hair product’. Just whenever you wish to purchase hair waxes check if it delivers the matte finish look.