25 Vehicle Ads Turned Into Disaster


For most tiny venture owners, a simple and efficient way to advertise your business is by stigmatizing your car. Between custom rear shutter graphics, car attractions, and even full or partial car wraps, many small company owners can put their logo and association information on their car and convert it into a mobile billboard. Among the multitude of digital and print advertising methods available for small business owners in this era, the use of vehicle promotion will not be going away anytime shortly.

People use different modes of advertising their products or services. The most common method these days is by advertising it in their vehicles. Wrap promotion or a vehicle wrap is known as the marketing method of wholly or partially encasing (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement. This method is very much popular in the 21st century and many big firms around the world are using this advertising method. But many times these advertisements fail miserably and giving humorous meanings. But a little mistake can turn it into a disaster. Let’s have a look at some 25 vehicles advertisement that turned into a total disaster.

  • Definitely not the Starbucks ad you wish to see.


  • Not the best packers and movers company you wish to hire.


  • Mitchell’s wholesales turned into Mitchell’s whores.


  • Stay away! This church is for communist only.


  • This bus is just for people who love porn.


  • Anal services at your doorsteps! Sounds amazing.


  • A penis van!


  • If you wish to be a hitman. this van is for you.


  • A Poo-Poo car!


  • He looks funny as hell!


  • You never know when Mike gets hard!


  • Boners in the monsoon!


  • His face looks disturbing!


  • A car which sells Viagra!


  • A bus full of sex trainers!


  • Cops should definitely look at it!


  • Who would not love to work in this company?


  • Quality asses! Sounds promising.


  • No thanks, I am okay.


  • This really made me laugh so hard!


  • Another van full of asses!


  • Cops should give a look at this!


  • Real men hogs!


  • This van owner must be getting honked on the highway.


  • This looks so disturbing!