10 Small Incidents You Need To Observe To Reconsider Your Relationship


Does your partner bring the name of his or her ex-companion in small things? Have you caught your partner checking your phone secretly? If such small incidents happen in your relationship then you need to reconsider your relationship. Here are some small incidents which you definitely should notice about –

  1. If your partner talks about his/her ex-companion, then its high time to take a pause in your relationship. It is quite unhealthy in a relationship if your companion brings the name of his or her ex-partner again and again or even comparing them.
  2. If your partner has the habit of checking your phone or any other personal device which has details of your private life then you need to consider your relationship. You need to take this matter seriously as even a small breach of privacy can be fatal for your relationship.
  3. If your partner insists you to have same passwords for social media accounts or any other things then you need to step back a bit. This activity is quite unhealthy for a relationship.
  4. End your relationship if by any chance your partner brings the name of his/her ex-partner. This is very rude as well as unhealthy in a relationship. Comparing a person with another one in a relationship is a too bad gesture.
  5. Take the matter seriously if your partner forces you to do things forcefully. One needs to understand another person’s personal space and should respect it too.
  6. If your relationship has become quite old and he or she has still not have told you about this friends, family members or have denied telling about them or restricting you to meet them, then something is fishy. One needs to talk about this matter sincerely.
  7. If you are forced to limit yourself with your partner only or have got a zero social life after getting into a relationship, then you need to think about it. One needs to take care of personal growth and career development as well.
  8. Its time to discontinue your relationship if your partner doesn’t like your clothing style and blames it a lot. If he or she have complained about it then ask about the matter.
  9. Jealousy, insecurity and no trust in a relationship can be quite fatal. Often lack of trust and jealousy leads to an unhealthy relationship, fights and at the end leads to a breakup.
  10. Giving threats about breakup or mistrust even small things isn’t good in a relationship. This continual suspicion will only drive you being molded into doing such things which you wouldn’t like to. Furthermore, it’s a noxious thing to have in your life.