10 Amazing Solutions For Your Cracked Phone Screen


Almost everyone gets irritated due to the cracked phone screens. Everyone is well aware of the high charges of screen replacement. However, with these 10 amazing cracked screen ideas, you can make your phone screen look super cool.

  1. Bruce Lee Cracked the screen with its superkick.

2. Looks like Captain America threw his shield cover to the enemies

3. Agree or not but Chuck Norris look super cool in this.

4. If you are a hardcore anime fan then no introduction is required for this one. Dragon Ball Z wallpaper in this broken screen looks cool.

5. Disney angry Frozen wallpaper matches the cracked screen perfectly.

6. If you are a marvel fan then give a try to this Iron man wallpaper to make your cracked screen look amazing.

7. Seems like Miley Cyrus is breaking the law again with this astonishing hammer wallpaper.

8. A futurama crashed spaceship looks amazing with a cracked screen!!!

9. With this super cool wallpaper, your broken phone screen will look like spider man’s web.

10. Another Dragon Ball Z wallpaper which surely matches with your cracked screen.